FMP Week 1

We were tasked with going into Canterbury town and the surrounding area and take recordings of our observations. As I have been looking into cinematography for my discipline I decided to look into lighting, however I wanted to go more in-depth than that and so chose to look at shadows and reflections.

Here is the selection of the photos I took today:



This photo was taken at a vintage fair at the University for the Creative Arts. I saw the reflection of sunlight off of the metallic coat hangers and thought it was a really interesting shot.


This photo was taken outside of the Marlowe Theater of the “Bulkhead” sculpture. The photo was taken in the early evening when the sun was low in the sky. Because of the intense lighting the shadow of the face is cast against the fence with focus put on the light coming through the eye.


Also taken at the “Bulkhead” sculpture this shot is from inside the face. I found that the sculpture was originally constructed in 2003 and so has rusted and worn away alight over the past 14 years, therefore the lighting through the rust holes give a great effect.


I like the difference in the shadows in these two shots. Both were shot in the same location with the same lighting and it’s interesting to see how the shadow has diffused over a greater distance due to the size of the object and the distance away from the ground. You can also see how the edges of the shadow on the left are far more defined that the right due to the close proximity to the ground.


This is my favorite photo of the day; firstly because of the great reflection I managed to get and also the contrast between the relatively dull color palette of the shot compared to the subjects bright-colored clothing. The subject and the reflection are perfectly mirrored to the center of the shot.

This task was a really interesting one for me. I found myself seeing and observing little things around Canterbury that I usually wouldn’t. Especially some small objects or places that reflect light in an interesting and new way. I’ve learnt that there is more to light than I originally thought I knew and that I can use light and how it reflects to create a different style of effect in my final film for my FMP.

FMP Week 1

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