Term 2 Week 5

Experimental Lightning

For this experimentation task I wanted to look into how the emotion in a scene can be altered via what type of gels used when lighting a shot. I decided that i’d shoot the same shot multiple times and use different gels over the ARRI lights and see if there was a difference in the emotion portrayed just via changing what colour of lighting was present.

Dark Blue
Light Pink
Light Blue

I think this experiment went very well. The goal of this task was to try and show how emotion could be changed in a shot just via the colour of the lighting and I think I achieved that. The emotions trying to be portrayed in this experiment are as follows:

Red – In this shot I was trying to create a feeling of anger and rage. The shadows cast from his hands in this photo cover his facial features adding an air of mystery.


(Garland, 2015)

I found inspiration to use the red lighting from the film Ex Machina(2015). Without the strong use of red lighting in this shot the anger and rage emotions wouldn’t have had as deep of an impact.

Dark Blue – This photo has a feeling of damp and coldness. I has originally intended for a lighter blue colour, and for the photo to have a different kind of meaning, however I still like how the colour came out. I think I put too many layers of blue gel over the Arri light. I’ll now know in future to double check the gels i’m using to make sure the colour is correct.


(Nolan, 2008)

I found this still from The Dark Knight(2008) very interesting and inspirational. The blue tint to the entire city is giving the effect of a cold and unhappy place. Which is precisely the crime riddled city that Gotham is; therefore the lighting really adds to the shot.

Light Pink – I wanted this shot to have a romantic feel to it. I think I’ve achieved this relatively well, however I think the pink could have been a little deeper and darker, as it is a little too light to garner the effect I wanted to produce.

Amber – This is my favorite shot from this experimentation. It reminds me of a strong early morning sunrise and I think the coloring works really well. I was actually surprised at how realistic the lighting looks for the shot and didn’t expect it to come out as well as it did. I found a large sheet of amber gel and folded it multiple times to get the darkness right.

skyfall56 (1).png

(Mendes, 2012)

The silhouette created by the amber lighting in this shot gives off an ambiguity to who the character is.  The glowing amber light gives an effect of the growing danger about to occur in the following scenes.  The amber light signifies more of a warning over a red light that signifies ongoing danger or fear.

Light Blue – For this shot I used a very light blue gel to try and have a slight blue tint in the photo. When looking at the photo in full screen it is there, however I think it may have been a little too bright as it does look like quite a natural light instead of blue.

Here is a set photo of me working on the Arri lights to attach the correct gels for each experimentation shot. I made sure to use gloves when handling the light, as the barn doors can get especially hot and could burn my skin without protection.


Term 2 Week 5

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