Personality test

This is a personality test that I conducted which asks you questions and then predicts what kind of personality traits you have. I did find that the conclusions the test came to about me were very accurate in some places, however I found that a couple of my answers seemed to change a lot about my results. For instance I answered a question about being truthful over caring about peoples feelings in an argument; in which I strongly agreed about the truth and that answer alone seems to have shaped the majority of my results.

Personality type: “The Debater” (ENTP-T)
Individual traits: Extraverted – 58%, Intuitive – 71%, Thinking – 60%, Prospecting – 81%, Turbulent – 51%.
Role: Analyst
Strategy: Social Engagement

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When George did the personality test on me it got quite different results. Whereas I got “The Debater” George got “The Logician”. After reading the results of “The Logician” I think it better suits me than “The Debater”. This is interesting to me, as potentially George doesn’t know as much about me and so got a different result, or he sees me for what I really am where I wasn’t being truly honest with myself.

Personality type: “The Logician” (INTP-T)
Individual traits: Introverted – 54%, Intuitive – 59%, Thinking – 78%, Prospecting – 83%, Turbulent – 58%.
Role: Analyst
Strategy: Constant Improvement

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Personality test

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