Lighting Task

We were tasked with creating 3 different scenes using just different lighting techniques. Unfortunately due to the set up time we were only able to create 2 of the different scenes as we wanted to get both right.

For the fireplace scene we used an ARRI light, an LED light and a reflector.

We covered the ARRI light in a diffuser and then 2 layers of orange gel. We had hoped that the diffuser would diffuse the light enough to shine it directly onto the subject, however when we did this it completely drowned out the LED light covered with a red gel. Therefore we decided to point the ARRI light at a reflector to further diffuse the light. This worked quite effectively in the end, as the LED was now also visible on the subject. As the ARRI light did not have a dimmer on it we chose to continuously dim and then lighten the LED to give the flickering fire effect we were going for.


Although the lighting setup we used for the fireplace scene was more complex than the one we used for the TV scene we found it more difficult. We were trying to get a variation in colours to make it looks more realistic, however if the light was too close to the subject then the light was too bright and it looked fake. So we moved the light further away and got the correct levels we wanted, however this meant the gels that we flickered over the light no longer showed up visibly on the subject. In the end the only way we got the colours we wanted was by moving the light closer, and at times in the video the light is too bright on the person.

Lighting Task

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