Green Screen Test

We were tasked with creating a green screen film of us talking for roughly a minute so that we could learn how to set up a green screen, film and light it correctly and how to edit it in Avid. Unfortunately I was absent from the lesson in which the green screen footage was filmed, however as I did green screen tests for my Final Major Project I feel like I have a basic understanding of how to set one up anyway.

I was given footage from somebody else’s filming to edit in Avid. I found the process quite easy, as I have done some green screen work in Premiere Pro before and a lot of the skills were transferable. The main difference seemed to be there were more settings to tinker with on Avid compared to Premiere.

Once I had imported the footage into Avid I used the Spectra Matte effect and set the key color to green. This removed the green from the shot and just left the actor in place. There was however still a green tinge around the edge of the subject and so I had to tinker with the settings to do my best to try and remove it.


These were the settings that I ended up with that got the best key that I could. I used the alpha setting so that I could see silhouette and make sure I got all the imperfections out of the shot.


I found that even after changing the settings the best I could there was still a slight area of green around the subject that I could not fix. I assume that with more practice and understanding of the Spectra Matte’s functions I will be able to get a better key .

Green Screen Test