Project Management Techniques

Here is the call sheet I created for my crew and actors so they know where and when to arrive for that day of filming.

Call Sheet

Here is my project proposal; at the bottom of the document is my schedule for filming and editing:

Project Proposal

Team meeting

At 9:30 am on Saturday the 28th May I talked through with my crew and actors what we were going to do on that day. I mainly spoke with my main actor and we talked through his lines and how I wanted him to portray them for each scene. I got feedback from him about the script and we altered a few lines to make them better fit the scene.

Team and Individual Performance Monitoring

I had planned to spend 2 days filming and 3 days editing, however I managed to film what I had planned for 2 days in 1 day, however the day was very long. I also managed to get the 3 days of editing I had planned to do down to 2 days.

I finished later on my filming day than I had planned to. I wanted to finish at 5:00 pm, but I ended up finishing at 7:00 pm due to unforeseen problems that we had on the day.

Pre-production materials



Risk Assessment

Location Recce

Call Sheet

Project Proposal


Legal Requirements



Equipment Checklist

Cast and Crew List



(Copied from blog post 1.1)

Project Development

Before we started filming I got my main character to meet me at one of the locations and I tested some different shots out so I had a good idea about what I was going to film on the day; alongside help from my storyboards.


The day of the filming I had to change locations for the home scene, as the location became unavailable due to a family members bad health. Therefore I was forced to change my location to here:

13445942_1116066395122017_144629458_o (1)13461141_1116065511788772_1977346384_o

Here are my 3 editing timelines:

Capturecheatadobe audtiion

I used Adobe Audition to edit the audio files, Premiere Pro to make a rough cut and see if i need to re-film anything, and Avid to do the full edit of the film in.

Daily diary

Saturday 28th May:

Filming day 1


Today I want to get all of my filming done for my 3 locations. My crew are turning up at the school location at 11:00 and so I’m going to turn up a little earlier and start setting up the equipment to try and squeeze some extra time out of the day. I’m planning to leave Sandwich to go to my last location around 2:00 pm for the day of filming to finish at 5:00 pm.


The day didn’t go exactly as planned. We didn’t finish filming until nearly 7:00 pm and some of my crew had to leave at 6:00 pm making it really difficult to film a few of the last scenes. Once we actually got filming outside the school we got a lot of the shots done quite quickly. I’m pretty happy with how they came out although at one point half way through filming somebody moved their car that was in some of the shots. This meant we had to re-film some scenes which took up a bit of extra time. We got to the third filming location 2 hours later than I had originally planned at nearly 4:00 pm. This meant we ended up finishing 2 hours later than I had planned to. I kept to my schedule for the day, but I did finish a little later than had I wanted.

2nd June 2016

Editing day 1


Today I want to sync all of the audio to my video. I’m assuming this is going to take me a long time, as there are huge audio files to sort through and so that will probably take me a few hours. I’d like to get a rough cut of my film so I know how it generally looks and then I can polish it and add cuts tomorrow.


To start with I sorted out all my footage and named the ones I wanted to keep. This took a bit longer than I thought it was going to, as we did a lot of multiple takes for shots and so I had to watch through everything and work out which was the best one. This took me around an hour. Next I imported the footage into the editing software and began syncing the audio. This ended up taking multiple hours as there was so much audio to go through. Once all of that was done and I started creating a rough cut the day was pretty much done.

3rd June 2016

Editing day 2


As all of the audio is now synced I should be able to get the film fully edited today. I already have a rough cut and so all I need to do is polish the cuts and transitions and add in some background sounds we recorded on the day of filming.


It took a little longer than I thought it would to polish my rough edit. There were some sharp cuts in audio that took a lot of time to sort out and make sound fluid. I added in some cut away shots and the title at the start and the film was done. All I had to do now was render it out.

Production process

The production process for this project went relatively well. I had told my crew and actors to meet me at the first filming location for 11 am, however only 1 person actually turned up at the agreed time. By 12 pm all of my crew had arrived which meant that I had lost almost an hour of filming time. For a little while I was setting up some establishing shots and talking through with the actors about what I wanted them to do. When we began to film I noticed that the Zoom wasn’t recording anything when I pressed the button; upon further inspection I noticed that there was no micro SD card in the Zoom. Luckily a friend in the town we were filming in had one, but it still wasted a further 45 minutes of our time.

The filming at the train station for the most part went very well. I was very happy with the shots I got including the one of the train pulling in which I particularly liked.

train snap

As the train came past you could still see both actors clearly as the windows came past which gave a really nice effect.

My crew and actors responded very well to my instructions as the director and there wasn’t really any disagreements or problems on set between people.

Another issue we had whilst filming was previously when I tried to borrow a mic from college there weren’t any available. This meant that I had to use a zoom to record audio outside which didn’t give particularly good quality at all. To try and counteract this we wrapped a shirt around the zoom to try and stop the wind sound from distorting the audio we were trying to record.


The audio came out surprisingly clear considering the makeshift mic setup we had. This did however lead to another problem. As the Zoom was completely covered by the shirt we didn’t stop recording between takes and just let it roll. This meant in post I had to sift through a 30 minute audio recording trying to find the right bits of audio to sync them to the corresponding video clips. It was very time consuming, but the clips came out with good audio in the end.

Once we arrived at our 3rd location in East Studdal the time was nearly 4:30 and some of my crew had to leave at 6 pm. This meant that we had to rush all of the scenes that took place in the house which turned out to be quite a lot. We did manage to get most of the scenes I wanted to get filmed done, however there were a few shots that because of time restraints weren’t filmed. The film wasn’t too deeply affected by these shots missing, but I think it would be easier to understand and a bit longer if they’d been shot. The reason we missed these is because I prioritized the scenes with the actors I needed and unfortunately we ran out of time. I’ve now learnt to manage my time better and to make sure that SD cards are in the mics and cameras, as I checked the batteries beforehand but forgot about the Zoom.

Post-production process

Here is my Avid timeline:


Here is my Adobe Audition timeline:

adobe audtiion

Here is my Premiere Pro timeline:


The post-production process for this film was long and arduous.

When I started I went through all my recordings for the day and named them so that when I imported them into Avid I saved time on the import, as from past experience it can take hours to import especially if you’re using 1080p footage like I was.

all clips

Due to the complications that I stated earlier with the microphone it meant I had to sort through so much audio to try and find the bit of speech I was looking for. It ended up taking many many hours of editing time just syncing the audio.

Another problem I had whilst editing was that when we were filming I told my actors if they wanted to slightly deviate from the script and improvise, however as I did multiple takes of scenes every time the dialogue was different. This meant for every different shot I had to use the audio for that specific shot instead of just using one audio for all of them if I had shot multiple angles simultaneously. This all lead to a lot of continuity errors in my film. I tried to cover some of them using clever editing which worked at times, however if you watch the film carefully there are still a few issues with character positioning between shots and cuts.

This meant I had to spend a lot of time finding clear clips of audio and placing them over the top of the cuts to cover up the sharp cuts that were there. It worked pretty effectively in the end and the dialogue scenes look relatively seamless, however there are some continuity errors especially in the train scene, as when we re-shot the scene at different angles peoples heads and bodies were in slightly different positions. I edited it as best I could but there are still some errors.

Another problem that i had in my editing process was that in one of my shots there was a camera and a tripod and a member of the crew in shot. This was obviously a problem, as I didn’t want to have this continuity error in my film. Luckily I was able to just zoom in on the shot slightly to take the equipment out of the shot, but still retain the quality.







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