Primary & Secondary Research Reflection

I did a lot of research into my 4 interests from 2.1 and found out a lot of information that I didn’t know about and now I’m going to talk about and interpret each of them.


I did a lot of research into the origins of eSports, however I don’t think I’d want to make a film about this era of eSports specifically, as I’m not too interested in it and I believe there is a lot more variety of games nowadays and that tournaments are much more entertaining and there is a lot more footage and so I’d be more likely to a film about the modern era. I didn’t do much research into modern eSports, as I already had a lot of prior knowledge, however I wish that I had done a little more as I think it’s something I am more interested in. From my primary research people seem to believe that eSports can become, as big as more traditional sports like Football due to the fast rising viewership of eSport games.


I found out a lot of really interesting and useful information about Dover Castle in World War 2 that I didn’t previously know about and think it could be an interesting idea to go to Dover Castle and make some sort of film using the castle itself and the tunnels underneath the cliffs used in WW2. It could be in a documentary format with a voiceover, but I’m unsure in whether interests me as much as some of my other interests.

Music Festivals

I found out some information about the first Glastonbury festival, as that is the largest festival in the UK and I have been there before. I looked into the first festival and found a poster showing the admission price and the acts that were playing there. I found this quite interesting seeing how such a big band like The Kinks played the very first festival. I think that it would be difficult to make a film about festivals, as I wouldn’t be able to film anything due to not going to any festivals this year. I could use footage of the acts at Glastonbury and other festivals, but I’m not sure how interesting that would be. I also think that this interest is a little too broad.

 Sci-fi Film

I did a lot of research into George Melies’ film “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” which was pretty much the first ever sci-fi film. It gave me a lot of inspiration to do something in this field as he was able to create something that good in 1902. I think making a sci-fi film would be a good project to do, however as we have to edit in avid it may be difficult to do any effects that I could do in Premiere and After Effects.

Primary research

The primary research I did was especially useful in helping me to decide the kind of project that I want to produce. Hearing people’s reactions to the questions I put out about each of my interests helped me to gain an understanding of what people look for in a film and how interested my target audience would be in films to do with each interest. From the answers I got I think i’m leaning more towards a film about eSports, as it’s something that i’m really interested in and something that the people who answered my questions seemed to engage with eSports the best .

Old Project

What is it that makes me do my project?

As gaming and eSports are something that I am really interested in and play and watch every day. It makes me more enthusiastic to make a really great product and drives me forward in the project.

My personal experiences that influence my choices (idea for the project, my role in the project, how it relates to my future career)

The idea for my project is to make a documentary about eSports and how the competitive scene has grown and changed since its beginning. I will be creating the entire except for most of the footage, as that will be footage from tournaments and interviews with players. I will however be filming some interviews with people about their opinions and knowledge of eSports. I will also try and contact some smaller local teams and see if I can get an interview with one of the players over Skype. Apart from Film, gaming is the thing that I am most interested in. Ideally in the future if I could have a career that involved both filmmaking and gaming then that would be a dream job.

What is basic premise of my project?

A documentary based on the rise of eSports and professional gaming and how video games have turned into huge spectator sports.

What do I seek to achieve and how it relates to my target audience?

I’d like to inform more people about the scale of eSports and how even if they don’t play the game the streams and tournaments can be really entertaining. My target audience will be 14-35, as I think they’ll be the people who will most likely be interested in gaming and eSports. According to (esports-europe, 2015) 55% of all viewers of eSports are between the ages of 21 and 35 years old. Also it states that 40% of eSports viewers don’t even play the game that they’re watching which shows how it is turning into a spectator sport.

Contextualizing my project

(Lantas Productions, 2013)

This video is similar to the sort of project that I want to create, however this was just gameplay from tournaments with the commentators over the top and music, however I’d like my documentary to have narration and interviews as well as that kind of montage style used in this video.

(Mike Maples, 2016)

Here is another documentary that I found that is similar to my media product. It is more similar to what I would like to do for my project. It follows more or a passage of time through the years unlike the first video, however it doesn’t really show the passage of time very well unlike I want to do.

I think something I’ve learnt from looking at these documentary’s is to use news footage as well as game/tournament footage and interviews. As it is important to see the general media reaction to eSports to get a feel of what the general population think of eSports. I liked the editing style of having somebody being interviewed and then using cut-aways of in game footage and crowds whilst they’re talking over it so I will probably try and adopt that into my project.

(EGX, 2015)

This is another documentary that is similar to what I want to do. This video uses a host in front of a green screen rather than a voice over which is something that I’m considering doing for my project. He talks a lot about the first eSports competitions on records, but not a lot at all about modern eSports. I found out some useful information from this video about the tournament in 1972 at the university of Stanford of the game Spacewar

Production and content research

(CS:GO TV, 2016)

Here is footage from the grand final of the most recent recent CS:GO major. I could use some of the footage from the crowds and of the players in their booths for cut away shots when there is a voice-over over the top .

(Dota 2 Tournaments, 2015)

Here is also footage and commentary from The Invitational Dota 2 championship where the prize pool was over $18 million dollars. I can again just use this for cut-aways.

(Spencer Kemo, 2013)

Here is footage from a Call of Duty championship that I can use to show the passion of the players when they win a game and the crowds reaction to it.

If i’m going to use a host for my film then I’d want to use a green screen so that I could have a background on the video that looks professional. I know that the college has a green screen and so I could sue that or I have some friends that have green screens and I could use theirs.

(gniktar, 2007)

Here is footage from the 1990 world championships. There is footage at the end of a Tetris competition with a commentator on stage enthusiastically talking about the scores and games. I can use this as footage of one of the first eSports tournaments in my video.

(Settle It On the Screen, 2008)

This is a video of a TV show on ABC from 1983 showing a tournament 3 gamers had to try and beat each other. Considering even nowadays with the viewing figures so high there aren’t any eSports competitions on live TV except a few highlight shows it’s surprising they had a show to do with competitive gaming this early on in the life of eSports.

My target audience will be 14-35, as based on research they are the people who most watch eSport streams. Nearly all pro players are between the ages of 18-35 as well which makes them easier to relate to.

For the interviews that I am planning to do I will need other crew members as well as myself. I will need a camera operator, boom operator, and potentially a director too, although I’m sure I could do that myself and also be the interviewer, however this could be difficult and it may be easier to have a director. I will also need a Camera Operator and boom operator to film the scenes where the “host” is talking to the camera in front of a green screen.

(ETC News, 2016)

I saw this video by ETC news and I really like the style that they’ve used when talking about things. They stand and talk in front of the camera and then show the video they’re talking about over the top. I want to take inspiration from this and use a similar style in my film.

I looked into local eSports teams to try and get an interview with somebody and found out that The University of Kent is part of the National University  eSports League. I sent an email to the press and media inquiries email address from the Universities website to find out if they could get me in contact with one of the players so that I could get an interview.


Here is the response I got from The University of Kent:


I then emailed Alexander Lilley asking for more information and I didn’t receive a response even after multiple attempts to get in contact with him.

Final Project – Exam film

What is it that makes me do my project?

The reason I am creating this project is so that I can show people that cheating can only get you so far in life and that working hard and, in this context, revising will get you much further. At the time of producing this project many friends are taking their exams and so I think it’s important that they know the possible consequences of cheating in an exam and that working hard is the best way to do it.

My personal experiences that influence my choices (idea for the project, my role in the project, how it relates to my future career)

The idea for my project is a short film about a kid who’s dad pressures him into doing well in his exam, and so he cheats to guarantee his success. My role in the project will be Director and Camera Operator at times. I think this project will help me in a future career, as I will be directing a large group of people and I will learn some valuable skills that can help me if I get a job in the media industry. I will also be learning valuable communication skills, as I try and portray my vision for the film to my actors so they can understand how i’d like them to act in the scene. It’s also valuable to know that if I go to university I will have to take exams and I firmly know now that cheating isn’t a good way to go about passing them and that I should put a lot of hard work in.

What is basic premise of my project?

An average teenager faces huge pressure from his dad to pass his exam or he faces no summer with his friends. In the wake of this he decides to cheat on the test and secure a good holiday with his friends. After the exam his dad finds out that he cheated.

What do I seek to achieve and how it relates to my target audience?

I wanted to create this film to show people that cheating is not the way to go forward in life and that if you out the hard work in and practice towards your goal then that is the way to succeed. I think that this relates to my target audience, as they’re people that are currently taking exams.

My main target audience will be teenagers, as they’re the people who are currently in education and having to worry about exams. However, I think the film will still be relatable to almost everyone, as most people have taken tests before and so they know the pressure that comes behind them.


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