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Working with a client

  1. What is most important when working with a client?

Always listening and taking notes of what the client wants you to produce is one of the most important parts of working with a client. As they are the person who’s paying your bills it’s important that you produce exactly what they want.


eSports Doc Script

Equipment Checklist:

For my project I will need a Camera, Boom pole, Shotgun Mic, 1x LED light, Zoom and a Shoulder mount. I considered using a tripod at first, but realized that as I want to film my interviews in Canterbury the street will probably be very busy and the tripod could get in the way and will be hard to keep carrying around, so therefore I chose to use a shoulder mount instead, as it’s on the go and is still quite steady. I decided it would be a good idea to have a separate person for sound in the interviews, as quite often you see the interviewer holding the mic, but that isn’t really the layout of the interview I want to do.

Location Recce:

The location that I want to do my interviews is outside The Marlowe Theater in Canterbury.

I chose this location as it’s not too busy, but there are still a lot people around the area that we can interview without there being a lot of background noise and less potential of members of the public getting in the way. In this location there isn’t any power supply so I will need to make sure that I fully charge all my equipment before I get to the location and to bring some spare batteries in case anything runs out of power. The location is next to a road so the noise from the traffic could be a factor that i need to think about, however I visited the location to test the traffic noise and it was quite minimal so I don’t think it will affect the sound quality too much, however if it does make a big difference on the day then I can move further away from the road. I had originally chosen to do interviews on Canterbury High Street, however I decided against it, as after visiting it in the daytime I believe that it’s far too busy to be able to set up somewhere without getting in the way of the public.

eSports Project

I decided to keep my project revolved around eSports, however instead of doing a documentary I’ve evolved my idea into a short film about an aspiring eSports player.

Location Recce

Risk Assessment

Pitch Proposal



FMP script


Equipment Checklist

Legal Requirements

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

Storyboard 3

Storyboard 4

Storyboard 5

Storyboard 6

Storyboard 7

From talking through this project with my lecturer I’ve come to the conclusion that the film that I’d like to produce; I would not actually be able to produce with my budget and time restraints. Therefore I’m going to keep some of the same themes and plot points of my film, for instance the element of cheating, but put it into a different scenario. I think this is a better option than trying to create the film I’ve planned, as I could potentially end up without a film at all if I am not able to create it.

Final Project – Exam


The genre of my film will be Drama. I partly chose to do this as my previous projects have been comedy based and I wanted to test myself by doing something more serious. I think that the drama genre fits the themes of my film, as it’s about the relationship between a father and son and I don’t think a comedy or thriller or anything else would have portrayed it that well. The style that I’m trying to go for is a modern indie/coming of age film look and I’m planning to use a lot of wide shots.


A short drama film about an average teen who faces no holiday with his friends if he doesn’t pass his exam. With his dad blackmailing him into passing his exam he decides to cheat to guarantee him passing.

Target audience:

My main target audience will be teenagers, as they’re the people who are currently in education and having to worry about exams. However, I think the film will still be relatable to almost everyone, as most people have taken tests before and so they know the pressure that comes behind them.

Working with Clients:

What is most important when working with clients?

The single most important thing about working with a client is to make sure to pay attention to the client, take notes and listen to everything they say. If you miss something or don’t listen and make something that doesn’t fir their requirements you could be wasting their time and your own. At the end of the day they are the person paying you and so it is of the utmost importance that you make the product to their specifications. It’s also vital that you are professional when working with a client, as if they have a bad experience with you then you are unlikely to be recommended to somebody else and it could ruin your reputation and be difficult to find work afterwards.

What skills do you need to work with clients?

In order to work with a client you need to have the appropriate skills to produce the product that they want made. For instance I would not be able to produce a million dollar advert, as I currently do not have some of the technical skills of filmmaking I would need to produce it. You also need good diplomatic skills to be able to talk with the client about the film they want you to produce and how you think you could improve on their idea to make the best product for them possible. Good time keeping is also another skill that is required when working with a client, as if you leave producing the film until the last minute an unforeseen event could come like sickness that could then mean the film is not produced and the client will not be happy with you and you won’t be paid for the project. Another thing is good communication skills so that you can talk with the client and understand the vision of the film that they want you to produce. If you don’t have good communication skills then you could end up producing a film that isn’t what the client wanted which could be a big problem.

What type of client do you think would commission you to produce your product?

I think the type of client that would commission my project would be Film 4 as they produce a lot of homegrown films in the UK or an independent film company that produces more short films rather than feature length.

Equipment Checklist

Location Recce

Legal Requirements

Risk Assessment




Project Proposal



Cast and Crew List




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  1. Feedback by Jenni Blackman – Week 4 1.1. 15.5.16
    George, this is a good post, but a few things are missing. Have a check against your tick list. I am sure you have done them and they just need to be published. The work you have produced is to a merit standard.


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