Week 7: Work Produced

In this post I will be talking about the different type of colouring and lighting used in some film stills.

thunderpants-carsthunder pants school emblemCapture

These pictures are from Thunderpants (2002). In the film pretty much everything in Patrick’s home town is a sickly green colour expressing his discontent with life, as you can see in the first picture every car is exactly the same model and colour of green. Late in the film when Patrick is more content with his life, as he feels he’s doing something more worthwhile the colouring is warmer oranges as you can see in the last picture.


This picture is from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (2012). The red of the mans coat directly contrasts the desaturated grey cliffs behind him. I believe that a lot of the colour has been pulled from the background in the original shot to push more emphasis onto the mans coat. The red of the coat is also quite saturated itself; Wes Anderson has a reputation for these kind of colours. So much so that his style is so recognisable you could know it was a Wes Anderson film just by seeing the colours used. There has almost definitely been some digital colour correction to make the scene look like this.

Lighting Task: 3 Point Lighting and Recreating Images

The key light is what illuminates the subject usually at a 30-40° angle. To lower the intensity of the use a dimmer to turn it down or simply move the light backwards. The fill light fills in the shadows on the other side of the subject; the fill light can be a light or a reflector depending on what light you need. The back light is positioned behind the subject and is there to separate the person from the background to add more depth to the image. you can tell when a back light is in use due to there being a slight light around the edges of a person.

Here is the different pictures of a 3-point lighting setup:

Key light only


Key and Fill light


Key, Fill and Back light


Back light


Fill and Back light


Recreating Images


The photo I choose to try and recreate from the film Titanic (1997) was quite clearly produced in a studio and so creating it outside was always going to be difficult. We put the lights in the positions that we wanted to try and get the shadows for the picture, however due to the day being overcast the light had diffused to the level that there were no shadows cast at all and so it made the photo look nothing like the original. The Director of Photography that set up the original photo has used a harsh light that is the sun as the key light for this photo. He has put the scarf around the woman so that the light reflects off of the bright colour of it, or else the dark colours of Jack and Rose’s clothes would have blended.


This photo I recreated is from Fight Club (1999) I think that I did a better job with this than the first photo, as the shadows on the face mirror more the original photo in this one. One thing I could have done is move the key light back a little more so that the light is just on the side of his head and not so much on his mouth, eyes and nose. I also think I needed a small amount of back light as well due to his hair being quite lit up around the edges.


Week 7: Work Produced

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