Week 6: Sound Edit

Here is my edit:

I had used audactiy before for sound recording, however I had never used it to use the effects to change the sound of an audio clip. I definitely feel more confident with it now than I used to. I used both avid and audactiy to edit and place the sounds in sync with the video.

I had quite a few problems with this task, as I’ve never tried to build sound on a level like we did it was quite difficult to do it for a first time. One problem was importing around 30-40 audio clips with the name ZOOM001 etc, and so in future I’ll rename all the clips to what they are before I import then so I don’t need to waste time going through every piece of audio and naming them inside avid. I put the sound of an outside air conditioning unit into audacity and turned the pitch right down and it sounded like the humming of a large spaceship which was one of the sounds I was struggling to get, therefore I was very happy that I was able to create this sound by editing it. Another problem I had was when I was editing I was realising more sounds that I hadn’t noticed before, therefore I ended up going on the internet to try and find some of these sounds which wasn’t always particularly successful because it wasn’t tailored for what I need. In future I’ll make sure to watch through the film multiple times in case I’ve missed anything even if the group is going through it as well as they could miss it.

I managed to find a very good sci-fi sound on the internet for the spaceship beam sound, however it needed about 2 seconds before I needed it to. This meant I ended up having to try and loop a section to elongate it. I did manage in the end to get this to work and sound relatively smooth, however it took over an hour for this 2 second clip and for the time limit we had this took a lot of time. Another problem I had was remembering to use the overwrite import tool instead of splice. It meant that when I went back and changed something I’d end up moving everything in front of it forward a few seconds which put the entire thing out of sync. I’d usually notice this much later on and have to manually put everything back in place which was very time consuming.

Week 6: Sound Edit

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