Week 5: Feedback and Reflections

For the past week we have been tweeting on our Twitter accounts to try and gain followers and promote our “Hello” project. In this task we will be looking into the analytics of my Twitter and YouTube accounts and how my views and engagements have changed in the past week. We were using the hashtags #ccfilmsquad and #cchalloproject to promote our films.

Here are the stats for my Twitter account:


Excluding re-tweets and non related tweets these are the 4 times I posted my “hello” project and a Screen Motion test that we made at college. I got around 25 extra views on my “Hello” project YouTube video from my tweets. I was followed by a professor from a university in America and by a YouTuber with 5k followers. My most successful tweet was the first time I posted my “Hello” project on Twitter and it got 4 re-tweets and 3 likes. I now have 23 followers too and about 6 are not from my college group which is quite successful. I’ve also had 1,078 Twitter impressions since last Wednesday. The ease of use of Twitter was helpful when using the social media and it was probably the best method for promoting our “hello” as they were already done, however due to the length of the video it could have fitted better on Instagram with a short video. I would probably prefer to use something like Instagram during the production process of my next project as well as Twitter. As that is good for posting pictures. I do think though that Twitter is a very good platform to self promote on, as it’s simple and easy to tweet a lot, whereas for Instagram or YouTube it takes time to setup and take a photo or film a video.

I will continue using this Twitter account in the future to post about future projects and things I am doing at college, as I like the social media a lot and think it would be a very useful tool to have and skill to learn about how to utilise Twitter properly. I think this task was very helpful in learning about how to fully utilise my tweets and how to find out about the analytics of my account which I didn’t know about before this lesson.

Week 5: Feedback and Reflections

One thought on “Week 5: Feedback and Reflections

    George, these are really good posts, you should be very pleased with how hard you have worked and the posts you have published. They clearly show the work that you have undertaken on this project to date.
    We are going to be looking at how to effective produce a reflective log – it is a skill just like setting up a tripod – something that can be learnt, and that you can get better at.
    I look forward to seeing your project 2, when we commence it shortly after SDSW.
    Well done for tagging – you are one of the few who has done it. So when I comment on it on class, you can relax as it won’t apply to you!


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