Week 4: Work Produced

Location Recce


Is there any background noise?

Is there echo in the room?

If outside, is it windy?

Is there the sound of traffic or trains?

Can you turn off or remove any of the unwanted sounds?


If it’s a public place will the general public get in the way of shots?

Is there natural light?

Are there any unwanted items at the location and can you move/remove them?

Are there reflections that could show any of the equipment or crew members?


Is there a power supply to power any equipment that is needed?

Is there sufficient space for all equipment?

Are artificial lights needed?

Here is the professional Location Recce that was provided:

Location Recce Sheet

The professional Location Recce that has been provided is so much more detailed than my own. One of the checks is if a permit is needed and who you need to get it from, e.g. Police, Parking and Fire Dept. This is something I didn’t think of when I was putting together my own checklist. Some things I put that are also on the professional location recce are: sources of power, traffic noise, and public interference. I also didn’t think about putting any information on which project it was, the date of it and my name in case I need to do more than one location recce it would get very confusing.

Social Media

We created Twitter accounts for our film course that we can use to post about the work that we’re doing to do with all of the film projects that we have coming up. We use social media as it is an excellent way to get our films out into the world and for a large amount of people to see it. Basically every single TV show or movie that comes out now uses social media to promote it; usually the actors and directors have accounts that help advertise the movie as well. I setup my Twitter account with the handle (@Bradley_films) as this has my last name in it and has films in it so people roughly know what I will be tweeting about. I am on social media so that I can get more attention on my videos and production processes and get some feedback so that next time I can improve. I thought who I can follow on my account and decided on following some actors and directors, different production companies and some large franchises. I followed Edgar Wright and Evan Goldberg who are famous directors and writers, I also followed Star Wars and Lionsgate. As a class we decided to use the hashtag (#ccfilmsquad) and (#cchalloproject) so that we could all see each others projects. We then made sure to follow each other and retweet each other in order to get maximum reach. So far I have tweeted about setting up my account and have posted my “hello” project with the relevant hashtags. By posting my previous work on the twitter page I have the potential for it to get seen by more people and can then get more feedback on my work.

As I missed the filming and editing time for this task due to illness I used a classmate’s interview footage so that I could still learn the editing skills from the task. I just used one of the questions and answers so that I learnt how to sync up the audio recorded from the shotgun mic and the video footage. To do this I had to set in points at he clapper board on both the video and audio file I was trying to sync; then I went onto AutoSync and set the clips to sync at the in points. The audio was then perfectly in line with the video.


Week 4: Work Produced

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