Week 4: Problems and Solutions

I was absent from College on the Monday and Tuesday and so I missed out on filming the interviews, however I was given footage and audio from another group to learn how to sync audio. This however turned to be a problem in itself as I had no idea which recordings of audio went with what video. The only solution to this was to listen out for the scene numbers and clapperboards, however the actors often made mistakes and just kept trying again which makes it very difficult to sync as then there is no clapper board to sync with. The only solution to this was to sync it at the clapperboard and then cut the section out where the mistakes were made and the later section was still synced up.

I did have a problem with my audio sync work, as in one of the shots I was trying to sync up the clapperboard was not in shot. This meant I had to precisely try and find the clapperboard sound from the cameras mic recording and sync that up the best I could. The end result came out looking good, however if the audio had been distorted and the same had happened on a real shoot then it would be very difficult to sync up the audio with the footage by just seeing the mouth moving. Even though I wasn’t actually involved in the production of the video it has reminded me to always make sure that the clapper board is always in shot so that this kind of problem doesn’t occur.

Week 4: Problems and Solutions

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