Week 3: Feedback and Reflections


This week I mainly focused on doing research into different social media websites, what they are, what they do, the limitations they have, and if they are right for me. I did detailed research into Twitter and Instagram as they were the first sites that I thought of. I found out that Twitter was mainly used for text based tweets which is fine for some things, but I did want to have some more visual based interactive media too, therefore I made an Instagram account, as I knew that this was only for pictures and videos to be posted. Instagram looks like a good choice for updates on production that are visual based. The practical task that we did this week was quite helpful for my project as I got the opportunity to record some more audio which I felt I was quite weak at. I did get to record a small bit of dialogue which is something that I feel that I need more practice on, but feel a little more confident about now.


The sounds from your practical are largely good, however the nature recording has a lot of wind and background noise so that is something to work on. Perhaps you could have used a windshield or chosen another location for filming. I also didn’t really understand what the creative sound was.

– Declan Baxter

Week 3: Feedback and Reflections

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