Week 2: Work Produced

In this task we created a mind map of what we are going to research in week 2 of our project

mind map research


In retrospect I feel that I could have used more angles for my interviews in order to make it more interesting; because as it is both interviews are recorded at roughly the same angle, however as we were only using one camera I would have had to stop the interview and move the camera. This could have been potentially problematic. I also could have positioned my interviews better, as I did it against a blank background it is quite dull. The blank background does however put attention onto the person and what they’re saying instead of the background. I had the interviewee in a position so it fit with rule of thirds and so that he was talking into space. A problem we had before we went out filming was that the camera had low battery; this meant we had to wait a while before going out filming whilst it was charging.

Week 2: Work Produced

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