Week 2: Problems and Solutions


One problem I could have if I chose to do a mockumentary style film is that I will have to follow actors around when they move and so there will be the problem of having the audio recorded in multiple rooms. To solve this I will have to set mics up in different rooms and have someone with a boom pole and mic following the actors, but out of shot.


I will need to research into the filming style of existing mockumentaries like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family, but I will also need to research into documentaries so I know what I am parodying and can do that effectively. These mockumentaries I have mentioned all have something in common; they don’t revolve around anything too eccentric or special. The Office is set in the office of a paper company and Parks and Rec is set in an area of small government, therefore my potential story about a kid in a small village would fit this kind of theme.

The style of documentaries and mockumentaries are quite improvised and so mostly the cameras are not on a tripod; therefore I will have a problem with the footage I take being shaky. This won’t be a problem for the interview scenes as they will be taken on a tripod. From watching a lot of examples of existing mockumentaries the footage is quite shaky anyway; I believe this gives authenticity to the visuals as it looks like it’s just being filmed as it happens and it isn’t a proper production.


Parks and Recreation, which is a mockumentary sitcom that ended in 2015, used YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for their social media.

mind map research

Week 2: Problems and Solutions

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