Week 2: Feedback and Reflections



From looking at your video I can tell you put a lot of effort into framing the shots, the background is clear and looks really good. The fact you have put subtitles on the clip helps to understand what’s being said. I would advise though to add a soundtrack or music of some type into the background to make it more interesting and to help block out the background noise. You could have also had a few more things in the backdrop to make it a little more interesting.

– Lewis Watkins


Good, well thought idea, but make sure to be open about plot lines and explore multiple routes.

Reflections on this week:

This week I wanted to focus on researching into the style of existing mockumentaries and documentaries so that I could mirror some of the shot types and zooming that they use. The interview work that we did was very helpful for this project, as I want to have some interview scenes in my finished film, and this taught me things about how to set up an interview and what kind of things need to be in the background and how much movement/people there needs to be.


3 things that I feel I have learnt well and am confident on using in my future projects are White balance, 3 point lighting, and using Avid. We did a lot of work and practical on white balance and so I think that I have got the hang of using it to make my shots either look normal based on the lighting or make it look more warm or cool depending on the tone I am trying to set. We were shown how to set up a 3 point lighting rig and the effects that each different light had on the lighting of the object, therefore I think if I needed to set one up for my project or any future project I would be able to do that. I have used multiple different editing software’s before including Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro; so learning Avid wasn’t too difficult and I feel like I now can use it basically enough to create films.

Something I believe I could use some more practice on is recording dialogue. We haven’t really done any practice on this at college and when I have the audio quality has often been quite poor. My current project idea includes a lot of dialogue so I will need to do some practice before I start on the production process.

On the “Hello” project on one of the days of filming we plugged in an external mic to the camera, however we forgot to turn the mic on and this resulted in us not having any audio recorded for that day. To solve this we made a list of all the sounds we needed and recreated them in the dead room; once we added music it turned out fine, however for future projects I need to make sure all equipment is on and working before we start filming.

Week 2: Feedback and Reflections

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