Week 7: Representation in the Media – Unit 4


In this task I need to research into how different groups are portrayed in the media and find examples of when their is a positive representation of them.

The groups are:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability

I will be looking into two of these groups, Disability and Race, and will find 10 positive representations of them.


1. Masters of None (2015) This Netflix original series follows the story of a struggling Asian actor trying to get parts in productions in New York. There is an entire episode based upon racism in the media industry and the number of Asian actors that could be in a TV show.


2. The Walking Dead (2010-) This show contains Asian and black actors in the cast, but doesn’t make a big deal out of their skin colour at all and it isn’t to do with any of their plotlines.

walking-dead-season-6-b [2]

3. The Flash (2014-) This show has the main characters step father as a black man, he is a policeman which is the opposite of a negative racial stereotype that black people are criminals, also he raised his daughter and the main character alone as the mother abandoned them which is also a counter to the negative stereotype that black dads leave their families.

Warner Bros. At Comic-Con International 2014[3]

4. East is East (1999) This film centres around a Muslim family which is rare for a Film 4 production in the UK. All of the main characters are of Pakistani descent which is good as there should be a more fair balance of races on TV.


5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-) This series follows a precinct of cops in New York City and in particular one slacker cop who has to shape up when he gets a new captain. This captain is a black gay man, and the sergeant is also a black man which are both positive representations on TV.



1. Lost (2004-2010) In large portions of Locke’s flashbacks he is in a wheelchair. Even though he is physically disabled he tries to go on walkabouts in the Australian outback and stays very active for a disabled person.


2. The Theory of Everything (2014) This film documents the life of Stephen Hawking; who suffers from motor neurone disease, or as it’s more commonly known ALS. Even though he suffers from this he is able to be one of the most prestigious physicists of his time and create the widely accepted theory of the big bang .


3. Forrest Gump (1994) The story follows Forrest Gump, a man that has a development disability and a very low IQ of 75. Despite this he is able to achieve many things in life, including being a decorated Army sergeant winning the Medal of honor and running across America multiple times. He is a good role model for people with disabilities, as it shows that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.


4. Dallas Buyers Club (2013) This film follows the character Ron as he struggles with his diagnosis of HIV and can’t come to terms with his own death. The film is a positive as it gives awareness to HIV and Aids sufferers and how straight people can contract the disease.


5. Breaking Bad (2008-2013) The character of Walt jnr has relatively bad cerebral palsy and can’t speak properly or use his legs very well. The actor who plays this character, RJ Mitte, also has cerebral palsy in real life, however a less severe version. He is a good role model for disabled actors trying to get into the industry, as there are not many parts for disabled actors.



In this lesson I learnt a lot about the different types of roles that are available for disabled people and ethnic minorities, and also how there needs to be more of a range of different people in acting roles. How also there are positive representations of these people, but not enough.

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Week 7: Representation in the Media – Unit 4

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