Week 7: My Career Timeline – Unit 3


This piece of work will document how I plan to get to my dream job. Going through things like university and how to get into a job.

If possible I’d like to be an editor of some sort. Preferably in visual effects.

After college I’d like to go to university if I felt that there was no opportunity for work that I could get into that was to do with my job prospects. This would be my dream course if I could get the grades to get in: http://aub.ac.uk/courses/ba/ba-film-production/

This is one of the most prestigious universities for arts and film so I’d like to go there. After university I’d like to get a job in as an editor. The ultimate goal would be to work for a company like Industrial Light & Magic (http://www.ilm.com/) who do the visual effects for huge movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). There is also an ILM outpost in London so I could work there without having to work in America.

If I wasn’t able to go to University for whatever reason then I’d try and get a job as a runner on a set or as an apprentice on a set. This wold then be a good start to work my way up to an editing role, but this would probably be a harder and longer method.


The research has helped me, as i have got to look at many different university courses and potential options that i have in life in order to get to a job that i want and will enjoy


Week 7: My Career Timeline – Unit 3

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