Week 6: Introduction to Narrative – Unit 4


In this task I’ll be analysing film scenes to see how the narrative is told.


This scene is from Inception (2010). This scene can be interpreted as realistic, or non-realistic, as this scene has previously been shown in a dream sequence. Therefore when he spins the totem he is trying to discover whether he is dreaming or not, however the scene cuts off before it falls or keeps spinning indefinitely. This means they have used a cliff-hanger as a narrative technique to keep the audience guessing whether he’s back in the real world or not. The genre of Inception is thriller and a cliff-hanger is a very common technique used in these types of movies. This means that people will be thinking about the story more complexly when watching the movie.


This scene is from The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The scene begins with a voice over of Commissioner Gordon reading at Bruce Wayne’s funeral, whilst there is a shot of Robin throwing his police badge away. This helps to explain a situation without having to visually show it; so that something else can be shown. It is also a multi-stranded storyline, showing perspectives from multiple different characters. This is trying to show us that all these characters storylines are important.


I found this task quite challenging, but I think that I understood it by the end of the lesson. This task has helped me for my future productions, as I now know many more techniques that I can use to tell a story.

[1] Warner Bros, (2013). Inception. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khYx7P2t59I&w=560&h=315 [Accessed 9 Nov. 2015].

[2] Warner Bros, (2012). The Dark Knight Rises. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvtJ_XC2bz8&w=560&h=315 [Accessed 9 Nov. 2015].

Week 6: Introduction to Narrative – Unit 4

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