Week 6: Introduction to Editing – Unit 1


In this lesson we did step-by-step walkthrough of how to setup an edit on Avid Media Composer and some basic editing skills.

1 First we opened up Avid Media Composer and selected external.


2 Next we set the drive where the edits are stored to our storage location on the extra drive.


3 Then we set up a new project using the British standard for TV, 25p PAL, and set the aspect ratio to 16:9.


4 Next we set up 3 new bins for Audio, Edit, and Footage. We put the sequence in the Edit bin, the music file in the Audio bin and all of the surf footage in the Footage bin.


5 Then we set up the “Media Creation” setting. We changed it so that all the edit files go into our area. This keeps all footage and finished files in the same location.


6 We double clicked the footage and then set in and out markers for the section of footage we wanted. We pressed either V or B to insert it into the marker on the timeline. V inserts the footage and splits it between two other clips. B inserts the footage and overwrites the other clip.


7 We inserted multiple clips to make an entire video.



I enjoyed this lesson a lot and think that learning avid will be very useful for my future. It was quite simple to understand and I knew most of the terminology already due to using different editing software before like Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro 13. This will help me on future projects as now i know the basics of another editing software which is highly valued by potential employers as well.


Week 6: Introduction to Editing – Unit 1

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