Peer Evaluation week 2

How Do You Become a Director? Week 2 Framing Unit 3:

Very good post, very detailed and is very informative. If it started with talking about luck in the industry this would have been better.

How Does a Director Work? Week 2 Framing Unit 3:

Good follow-up to the first part of this.

Shot Types – Framing & Composition Week 2 Unit 1:

Very clear post, nicely presented.

Analysing Film Shots – Week 2 – Unit 4:

Good post, set out very nice, could use some more technical terms.

Week 2: Film stills and photographic journalism representing framing and composition – Unit 2:

Clear and nice post, need to explain more about primary and secondary research into a bit more detail.

– George Blackburn

Peer Evaluation week 2

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