Week 3: Introduction to Lighting – White Balance – Unit 1


I will be going out and taking pictures using different white balance settings at the same location in order to test what difference it made to the lighting of the shot.



Auto White Balance               Daylight                                 Shade


Cloudy                                    Tungsten light                        White Fluorescent

Interior with Exterior light:

IMG_9397 IMG_9398 IMG_9399

Auto White Balance               Daylight                                   Shade

IMG_9400 IMG_9401 IMG_9402

Cloudy                                     Tungsten light                          White Fluorescent


IMG_9421 IMG_9422 IMG_9423

Auto White Balance                Daylight                                   Shade

IMG_9424 IMG_9425 IMG_9426

Cloudy                                     Tungsten light                         White Fluorescent


I found it quite easy to physically change the settings to change the white balance, but I did struggle to understand how the light entering the lens changed the colour, however I think I got the hang of it in the end.

Week 3: Introduction to Lighting – White Balance – Unit 1

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