Week 2: Shot Types – Framing & Composition – Unit 1


In this task I’ll be taking some photos to show the different shot types and rules of composition that we learnt about in class.


This is a long shot (LS), as it encapsulates the entirety of the subject’s body from feet to head.


This is a medium long shot (MLS), it is from the subjects knees up to the top of the head.


This is a mid shot (MS), it shows from the waist of the subject up to the top of the head.


This is a Medium Close Up (MCU), it goes from the subjects upper chest/armpits to the top of the head.


This is a Close Up (CU), it is just the face and is usually used in movies to show the emotion on the face and sometimes dialogue when there is an important moment.


This is an Extreme Close Up (ECU), it usually only shows one facial feature, normally the eyes.


This shows a Rule of Composition, Rule of Thirds. The subject is placed on the border between two-thirds, it gives a more pleasing to the eye shot and is used in nearly all films today.


This photo shows a Rule of Composition, looking into space. It is usually used in a scene when dialogue is occurring and so it gives the effect that the subject is talking to someone who is not in the shot.


This photo shows a Rule of Composition, Depth of Field, the background is out of focus, but the subject is in focus so it grabs our attention and we pay attention more.


It was good to physically take photos instead of just learning about the shot types in class, as it helped to reinforce what we had learned. I did know most of the shot types already, but wasn’t too sure on their positioning so this really helped me for future projects so I can get them right.

Week 2: Shot Types – Framing & Composition – Unit 1

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